What sets us apart?

We are an innovative, sustainable, safe and an efficient service provider with ability to offer a wide range of specialist products and services that cater to people and events of all sizes and purposes
Boasting one of New Zealand's largest portable sanitation inventories, we're your go-to source for delivering urinals, Portaloos, handwashing stations, wheelchair-accessible units, and more, all across the country.

Whether it's festivals, concerts, or sporting events, we've got your needs across NZ well-covered.


The largest fleet of specialized sanitation vehicles in New Zealand

We can effectively service and deliver toilets across a wide variety of terrains and locations.

More than just toilets

Festival Toilet Hire - NZ - Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for when choosing a mobile sanitation provider for my event? 

When selecting a mobile sanitation provider for your event, prioritise reliability, variety, and eco-friendliness. 

Look for a company offering festival toilet hire, catering to diverse needs. Ensure they provide options to hire a toilet for a party, guaranteeing flexibility. 

Evaluate the provider"s extensive inventory for event toilet hire, encompassing urinals, Portaloos, and wheelchair-accessible units. 

Opt for a sustainable solution by choosing a provider committed to eco-friendly practices, reducing environmental impact.

FLSSH stands out in these aspects, offering a comprehensive range of sanitation services, making them an ideal choice for events of any size or purpose. 

Choose FLSSH for a reliable, versatile, and environmentally conscious mobile sanitation solution.

What types of events does FLSSH cater to?

FLSSH is your go-to provider for event toilet hire, specialising in sanitation solutions for various occasions. 

Our services extend seamlessly to festivals, concerts, parties, and sporting events. 

Whether you need to hire a toilet for a party or require comprehensive event toilet hire, FLSSH ensures a wide range of portable sanitation options. 

Our fleet, featuring festival toilet hire and event-specific units, is equipped to meet the diverse needs of any gathering. 

From eco-friendly practices to wheelchair-accessible units, FLSSH combines innovation and sustainability to deliver top-notch services for your event"s sanitation requirements. 

Choose FLSSH for a hygienic and efficient solution tailored to your event's unique demands.

How large is FLSSH's portable sanitation inventory?

FLSSH proudly possesses an expansive portable sanitation inventory, standing out as a leader in New Zealand. 

Our diverse range includes options for festival toilet hire, providing everything from urinals to Portaloos, handwashing stations, and wheelchair-accessible units. 

With a commitment to excellence, FLSSH ensures your event"s sanitary needs are met seamlessly. Whether you're looking to hire a toilet for a party or require specialised solutions for event toilet hire, our extensive inventory caters to various occasions. 

Trust FLSSH for a comprehensive selection, ensuring hygienic and comfortable sanitation facilities for your event, regardless of size or purpose.

Can FLSSH deliver sanitation services nationwide?

Certainly! FLSSH takes pride in its nationwide reach for sanitation services. With an 

extensive fleet, we excel in efficiently delivering and servicing toilets across the entire country. 

Whether you need festival toilet hire, wish to hire a toilet for a party, or seek event toilet hire on a grand scale, FLSSH ensures comprehensive coverage. 

Our commitment to excellence transcends geographical boundaries, allowing us to meet your event"s sanitation needs seamlessly. 

Trust us for a reliable and efficient service that spans New Zealand, providing top-notch sanitation solutions for events of all sizes and purposes.

What makes FLSSH environmentally sustainable?

FLSSH prioritizes environmental sustainability through innovative practices. 

Our commitment to eco-friendly solutions is evident in our festival toilet hire services, providing options for parties and events nationwide. We employ cutting-edge technologies to reduce waste and conserve water, aligning with our dedication to environmental responsibility. 

Whether it"s event toilet hire or hiring a toilet for a party, FLSSH integrates sustainable practices, ensuring minimal ecological impact. Trust us for sanitation solutions that not only meet your event's needs but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable future. 

From luxury portable toilets for weddings to portable toilet and shower block hire for your next event, choose FLSHH for the leading luxury portable toilets in NZ.