ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Live, Precise, Efficient & Optimised Sanitation Service

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Live, Precise, Efficient & Optimised Sanitation Service

AllyPro software is used by FLSSH and has been developed specifically for the sanitation marketplace. We were first company in the world to embrace and pioneer this cutting-edge technology, making us trailblazer in the industry. This software is purpose-built to address the unique challenges and demands of sanitation services, and sets us apart as mobile sanitation experts.

Real-Time Dispatching: Efficiency Unleashed

GPS in vehicles and trailer units, allow our operations team complete visibility into our fleet location, with orders dispatching in real time we can ensure unparalleled speed speed and efficiency in service delivery. This advancement is not just about convenience; it's a commitment to meeting your needs promptly and flawlessly.


Instant Driver Notifications: Streamlined Communication

Our service drivers are no longer in the dark, and neither are the Ops team. Thanks to AllyPro, they receive instant push notifications for updates in their service logs. This seamless communication empowers our drivers with real-time information and instant communication back to the office with notes, photos and signatures where required.


RFID Technology: Precision and Accountability

With new and rolling out RFID tech into our units, we can be meticulous about data capture. With our staff scanning the RFID tags using a mobile device, we have ability to provide live and precise timestamps of delivery of where or when each service was completed, promoting transparency and accountability.


Precision Inventory Management: Count with Confidence

Gone are the days of manual inventory counts, we know where our units are, how many, where they were last and who cleaned them. This eliminates the need for physical counts, ensuring exact unit counts with minimal effort.


Round-the-Clock Availability: Your Trusted Partner

Our operations run round the clock, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to being your dependable sanitation partner. Whether day or night, FLSSH is primed to address your needs promptly and efficiently. During the Level 4 lockdown, FLSSH was trusted with segregation toilets and showers for DHBs, Vaccination and Testing sites having delivered all 17 sites across Auckland by before opening, day one of Level 4 lockdown. Showcasing our unmatched commitment to unwavering service.


Optimized Routing for Reduced Carbon Emissions

This software allows us to plan the most efficient routes to minimize distance travelled. By doing so, it not only enhances our operational efficiency but also significantly reduces carbon emissions—a testament to our commitment to environmental responsibility.


Our tech heralds a new era in sanitation management at FLSSH. It epitomises precision, accountability, and a commitment to environmental sustainability. This technology sets new standards for sanitation services, not only in New Zealand but also on the global stage.