SUSTAINABILITY AT FLSSH - Saving the Planet from the Bottom Up

SUSTAINABILITY AT FLSSH - Saving the Planet from the Bottom Up

Even within the domain of portable toilets, FLSSH is actively contributing to the preservation of New Zealand's natural beauty. We are deeply committed to sustainability, driven by our awareness of the impact we have on the environment and our broader community.

At FLSSH, we take pride in our role as Mobile Sanitation Experts. Whether it's through our efforts to lower carbon emissions, harness renewable energy sources, practice mindful waste management, promote recycling, or our commitment to eco-friendly commercial cleaning products, sustainability remains a focus in our mission.

Saving Every Drop

Water is precious, especially in Aotearoa, where we cherish our natural resources. That's why we've taken steps to minimize water usage in our high-tech units such as the Sanitrax modules.  Our portaloo tech wizards have come up with some real beauties that use less water to flush.

Clean Diesel and a Clean Conscience

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond the loo itself. We've taken a long, hard look at our fleet vehicles. By using cutting-edge technology to optimize routing, we've slashed our CO2 emissions. Plus, we're all about that clean diesel technology. Our collection vehicles are leading the way in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring cleaner air for all.

Nature's Gift: Rainwater

We’re blessed with regular rainfall, so we've put it to good use. We have set up a rainwater collection system at our depot. The water collected goes straight into filling up our truck's water tanks. But before it's used, it's treated through a diverter to make sure any debris from the roof and pipes doesn't harm our environment.

Waste Not, Want Not

When it comes to waste management, we're no amateurs. All waste is collected and disposed of at our branch depot, where it goes through an on-site macerator pump. This high-tech gizmo captures and contains waste that shouldn't enter New Zealand's sewerage system, keeping our waters pristine and pure.

Renewable Energy Rocks

We’re all about that renewable energy. Our plastic 'Event Toilets' are equipped with solar lighting. When the sun's out, these units soak up the rays, storing that energy in rechargeable gel cell batteries. So, even when the sun goes down, we've got lighting without relying on non-renewable sources.

Flash FLSSH fleet

We are conscious of the vehicles we add to our fleet, when we add vehicles we buy new and ensure they are Euro 5 or better . Improving efficiency for our customer's and the environment.

Choosing Partners Wisely

We're not in this alone. We're mindful of the businesses we work with and their environmental impact.  By choosing partners who share our commitment to sustainability, we're making a collective impact in keeping New Zealand beautiful.

So there you have it, FLSSH is all about sustainability, even in the world of portable toilets. We're taking steps big and small to make sure we leave this place better than we found it. So, next time choose FLSSH to be your Mobile Sanitation Experts!